Collectibles & COG Tag Locations – Gears of War 3

Name                                                          Chapter                                                 Locations

Cog Tag Prologue After leaving your cell, kick down the door on the cell to your right and theCog Tag will be on the floor.
Twenty-Dollar Bill Chapter 1 As soon as you regain control of your character, it will be on the table by your bed.
Psyche Report Chapter 1 After the lady talks to you about Dom, take a left through the doorway and it’s near the back of the room.
Requisition Form Chapter 1 After meeting with Dom, continue down the hall. Go through the next open door and it will be in there.
Silverback Manual Chapter 1 Before you get into the silverback, look on the table to find this.
Cog Tag Chapter 1 After Prescott lands, clear out the courtyard and near the back left, you will see a large shipping container with the gears logo on it . Look up and shoot down the Cog Tag.
Journal Chapter 3 After Sam talks to Baird about romance (jokingly), follow the street until you come across a wall and wooden gate on your left. Kick down the gate and it will be on the ground in front of you.
Student’s Notebook Chapter 3 After clearing the playground, climb into the barred cart thing near the gear logo on the wall. It will be in there.
Grocery List Chapter 3 After entering  the grocery store, move to the back and look for a checkout isle. Continue past that to find the Grocery List.
Cog Tag Chapter 3
Cougars Season Program Chapter 5 When given a choice, go to the upper level of the stadium. Continue on to to find a gift shop on the right, and it will be in there.
Cougar Players Handbook Chapter 5 After clearing the stadium entrance, continue on to the locker room. Before you go through the spin gate, take a right and look for a vending machine. Next to it will be the Handbook.
Clipping, Hanover Times Chapter 5 After having a flashback, look around the dead bodies near the tents to net yourself this collectible.
Cog Tag Chapter 4 After leaving the refugee base, take a left and it will be next to the dead body on the dock.
Bayonet Chapter 6 After the turrets start shooting at you, clear them out and go backwards but to the other side of the bridge. You will fint it near the cars.
Toll Booth Tokens Chapter 6 This will be located inside one of the turret stations on the right side on the floor.
Sights of Sera Chapter 6 Near the end, after splitting and regrouping, continue outside to and take a right. Near the crumbled stairs will be the book.
Cog Tag Chapter 6

Act 2

Tomatoes: Beginner’s Guide Chapter 1 Right when you start, walk around to the back of the shipping container and kick down the door. It will be inside of it.
Captain’s Log Chapter 1
Cog Tag Chapter 1 Behind the tent near the body (can be seen on the floor in the cutscene)
Locust Hammer Chapter 4 After evading the mortars, continue until there is a low wall with a flaming barrel. It will be on the other side of that wall.
Queen Symbol Chapter 5 After meeting with the queen, kill the locust and continue. Once you continue through the archway, there will be a door on your right that you can kick down. It is in there.
Cog Tag Chapter 2-5
Manifest Chapter 6 After landing, go through the entrance and continue left to find the note.
Cog Tag Chapter 6 After obtaining the manifest, turn around and walk up the steps. In one of the rooms will be the cog tag.

Act 3

Anvil Gate Plaque Chapter 1 Right behind you on the wall after you start.
Watercolor Painting Chapter 1 Take the right staircase and continue to the room with beds and it is on the wall.
Journal Chapter 1
Sam’s Father’s Medals Chapter 1 Take the right staircase and follow it until it takes you to the left side. On your way, you will find it.
Cog Tag Chapter 1
Panicked Note Chapter 4 After talking with the crazy man, go down the stairs and walk right. It is on the floor.
Message Chapter 4 After climbing the ladder to meet the stranded, go straight to the left and it is at the end of the hallway.
Air Raid Sign Chapter 4 After getting off of elevator, on the wal to the left.
Cog Tag Chapter 4 After the old man with explosives disappears, enter the store and follow the back rooms until you come across a downed vending machine.

Act 4

Old Magazine Chapter 1
Journal Chapter 2 After talking to the chief and taking the elevator, continue on and look behind the dumpster.
Fuel Order Chapter 3 In the middle of the courtyard after attempting to start the cable car.
Cog Tag Chapter 1 After the stranded dops a polyp dumpster on you, continue up and go left. It is next to a dead body.
Bulletin Chapter 5 After entering actual maintenance bay, go down the stairs and take the left door.
Maintenance Manual Chapter 5 After the sub starts moving, go until you see stairs on the left. Go into the building and you will find it.
Clipping, Jacinto Sentinel
Cog Tag Chapter 5 After going on the right path, cross over the ship until you reach ground level. Than go right and it i behind a dumpster.

Act 5

Pamphlet 1 Clear out the locust and then go up the stairs. Take a left and go to the end of the hallway.
Assault Plans
Cog Tag
Diary 4 After stalks show up, get in the building and it is behind the counter.
Money Stack
Memory Announcement
Cog Tag 4 When you enter a building and your dad talks about a bomb and some of the ceiling falls, go to the end of the hallway and it is on the floor.
Brochure 5 Get off the elevator, get to the ground level and it is on the opposite side of the room as the large window.
Fenix Research 5 After cutscene, look on the left low-hanging wall to find the research.
Cog Tag 5 After getting off the lift, turn right and destroy the crates to get the Cog Tag
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