Arson Case #5 – A Different Kind of War – L.A. Noire

Rapid Exterminators:

There’s a Newspaper on the counter.

Westlake Pest Control:

Get location of Rancho Rincon

Fontain’s Office:

Examine the body.  Examine his head to see the strangle marks.  Examine his left arm to find his lighter.

On his desk there is a map you can uncover with pencil.  Slide the newspaper under the markings to discover Freeway Route.

There is also a Newspaper on the desk.

Examine the glass broken on the floor.

On the side table by the wall is a file to discover Fontaine’s Blackmail Papers.

Examine the Crystal Ball on the floor.

In the room leading to Fontain’s office is a cabnet full of Morphine.

Rancho Rincon:

Kick the door down.

There is a Flamethrower on the table to the right.

In the back room examine one of the Origami Cranes.  On the back wall is a map of L.A. River Tunnels.

On the other table is a crane being made from an Elysian flyer.

Examine the pictures on the wall to see Okinawa Photo.

On the porch outside is a Golden Film Reel titled Key Largo.

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