Arson Case #3 – House of Sticks – L.A. Noire

California Fire and Life:

Turn the pink page in the file.

Interview Elsa Lichmann:

Question #1 Disputed Claim Payout: Doubt

Question #2 Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt

Question #3 Motive for Dispute: Truth

Elysian Fields:

Examine the Demolition Order and Company Memo on the desk to the right in the trailer

Examine the Cement Delivery Receipt on the desk to the left in the trailer.

Walk over to the demolished Elysian Fields house, it’s marked with a yellow dot on the map.

At the back of the demolished house piece the wood together to find a Keystone Films stamp.

Aim your gun at the driver of the bulldozer to slow him down after jumping the first obstacle, and again when you hear him start to speed up.

Use the telephone to get the address for Keystone Films.

Keystone Film Studios:

Head around to the right and examine the wood pile nearest your car to find Inferior Quality Lumber.

Examine the wood pile behind you to find a Lumber Delivery Receipt.

Examine the projecter in the Screening Room to the left.  Adjust the dials to play the movie.

Examine the film reel on the table in the Screening Room.

Use the telephone.

Elysian Fields Site Two:

Investigate the house with the light on.

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