Arson Case #2 – A Walk in Elysian Fields – L.A. Noire

House Fire:

Examine the bodies at evidence marker A

Examine the photograph at evidence marker B

Examine the water heater at evidence marker C on the right side of the house

There is a newspaper on the right side of the yard.

Examine Cigarette Butts and Boot Prints on the left side of Neighbor’s house

Interview the neighbor.

Interview Dudley Forman:

Question #1 Morelli Fire Witness Report: Doubt

Question #2 Suspicious Activity:Doubt

Question #3 Planned Demolitions: Doubt

Question #4 Promotional Travel Contest: Truth

Examine the Oragami for an Elysian Fields Development flyer.

Use telephone for address to Elysian Fields.

Rancho Escondido:

Examine the side of the building that is on your right as you start to find Poor Cement Quality

Elysian Fields:

Interview Leland Monroe:

Question #1 Elysian Linked to Arsons: Doubt

Question #2 Promotional Travel Contest: Lie, Evidence = Elysian Fields Flyers (You will get the Huckster Achievement for this answer)

Question #3 Local Land Acquisitions: Doubt

Question #4 Rancho Escondido Fire: Lie, Evidence = Poor Cement Quality

Examine the list on the secretary’s desk.  Point out Herbert Chapman’s name.

Use the phone downstairs.

Chapman’s Apartment:

Examine the trunk of the car to find Mosquito Coils, .45 Calibur Ammunition, and contest flyers.

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