DLC Case – The Naked City – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene:

Examine the garbage can on the left as you enter the building before the elevator
Examine the body in the bathroom. Look at the head, and then her right arm for bite marks. Finally her left arm for her ring.
Examine the pills in front of the bed in the other room
Examine the pillbox on the table by the bed. examine it further to get the prescription
Examine the Men’s smoking jacket on the hanger on the other side of the room.

You’ll earn the achievement “A Good Looking Corpse” for finding all of the narcotics in the apt.

Examine the three pictures in the living room and looking behind the frame for messages.

Interview Virginia Reynoldson:

Victim’s state on mind: Lie – Use: Sleeping Pills
Victim’s personal life: Lie – Use: Men’s Smoking Jacket
Relationship with victim: Doubt

Dr. Stoneman’s Practice

Head into the building and look at the right side placard to see Stoneman is in 505. Head down the hall and take the elevator up.

Interview of Dr. Stoneman:

Relationship with victim: Lie – Use: Benzedrine Prescription
Additional medications: Doubt

D’assine Dress Store

Interview Dress Store Owner:

Victim’s employment history: Truth

Interview Heather Swanson:

Relationship with Victim: Truth

Informed of “Mr. Henderson”: Truth

Use the callbox outside of the store to get more information.

Hollywood Receiving Hospital

Head into the Morgue and talk to Mal. Look at the bodies then look at the harmonica. Afterwards go across to the Police Station.

Hollywood Police Station

Interview Henry Arnett:

Relationship with Victim: Doubt
Informed of “Mr. Henderson”: Lie – Use: Housekeeper’s Statement
Burglary Suspect Leblanc: Doubt


Tail Henry Arnett to the pawnbroker and then follow him to the travel agent

Don’t get spotted and you’ll earn the achievement “Fakeloo”

After you see the cigarette case go across the street and use the phone.

Hollywood Ninth Beat

Chase down the right path and take out the one fleeing enemy that is going that way. When you get to the next area 4 more enemies join the battle.

Hollywood Police Station

Check the stolen items list. Point out the Faberge Gold Cigarette Case and the Black Sapphire Ring stolen from Mrs Beverly Everstrom. Then farther down the Silver Pill Box and finally near the bottom the Pearl Ring.

Everstrom Residence

Interview Mrs. Everstrom:

List of Stolen Items: Lie – Use: Faberge Cigarette Case
Burglary Incident Report: Truth

Escort Heather Swanson to Arnett’s apartment

Don’t damage your vehicle in ANY WAY and you’ll earn the achievement “Chauffer Service”

Arrnett’s Apartment

Chase the perp out the window and down the fire escape and then across the plank.

Examine the suitcase and look at the ticket and the watch.

Interview Mr. Arnett:

Professional Burglary Ring: Lie – Use: Faberge Cigarette Case
Motive for Randall Murder: Lie – Use: Train Ticket
Identity of “Mr. Henderson”: Lie – Use: Contraband List

Dr. Stoneman’s Practice

Head to Stoneman.
Use the phone in the office.

Willy’s Apartment

Head down the street and take the first left. Head down that street till you start to hear the harmonica play and run into the alley way. Chase him

Earn the achievement “Give My Regards” by shooting down the letters B R O A D W A Y as Willy climbs the ladder.

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