Vice Case #3 – Manifest Destiny – L.A. Noire

The 111 Club:

Examine the body at evidence marker A

Examine the suitcase at evidence marker B, then inspect each of the three small pieces to reveal a hidden compartment and find a Blue Room Jazz Club Ticket and Morphine syringe.

Examine the body at evidence marker C.  Inside the left jacket pocket is a Morphine Syrette.

In the back room is a crate of Valor Cigarettes.  Past the crates is a BAR.

Interview The Hostess:

Question #1 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt

Question #2 Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth

The Blue Room:

Interview Elsa Lichtmann:

Question #1 Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt

Question #2 Morphine Overdose Victims: Doubt

The Mocambo Club:

Interview Meyer Harris Cohen:

Question #1 Finkelstein Drug Operation: Doubt

Question #2 111 Club Shooting Incident: Doubt

Police Station:

Go upstairs to the briefing room.

Examine the manifest and point at the items circled.

Bus Shooting:

Go around to the back of the building and climb the ladder to get to the shooter.

Search the body.  In the left pocket is a notebook with a phone number and restaurant table.

Examine the gun next to the body to find it’s one of the BARs

Interview Felix Alvarro:

Question #1 Informed of Coolridge Heist: Doubt

Question #2 Motive for Shooting: Lie, Evidence = Sniper’s Pocketbook (You will get The Fighting Sixth achievement for this interview)
Use Phone

Kelso’s Apartment:

Bring Kelso to the Station.

Hollywood Police Department:

Interview Jack Kelso:

Question #1 Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt

Question #2 Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth

Question #3 Arms Stolen From Coolridge: Truth

Question #4 SS Coolridge Robbery: Doubt

Robert’s Diner Shooting:

Chase down and shoot suspects.

Alleyway Crime Scene:

Examine the first body.  In the right pocket is a copy of the Manifest.  In the left pocket there is a notebook detailing a meeting with Courtney Sheldon.

Examine the gun next to the body

There is a Newspaper on the ground between the bodies.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater:

Chase shooters.

Hollywood Post Office:

Take down the shooters.

Examine Beckett’s body.  In his left hand is a business card for Polar Bear Ice.

Examine the body down the hall.  In his right pocket is a Note with an address.

Meeting Place:

Kill Shooters

Hollywood Police Station:

Interview Courtney Sheldon:

Question #1 6th Marines Being Targeted: Lie, Evidence = Note

Question #2 SS Coolridge Robbery: Lie, Evidence = Beckett’s Confession

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