Vice Case #2 – The Set Up – L.A. Noire

Fighter’s Dressing Room:

There is a Newspaper on one of the tables.

Examine Hammond’s locker to find a note with a phone number and odds.

Use the telephone.

Hotel El Mar:

Examine the Ledger, point at Winston Churchill’s name Room 207.

On the floor there is a Telegram in a tipped over waste basket.

On the dresser there is a Movie Ticket Stub and a box of chocolates.

One the table there are beans that are still warm.  There is also a magazine with a coupon filled out by Candy Edwards.

On the bedside stand to the right is a cigarette with lipstick.

On the bedside stand to the left is a note of Bookmakers’ payouts.

Aleve Motel:

Talk to the receptionist.

Inspect the unconscious body.  In the left pocket is a notebook with names, in the right pocket is a switch blade.

Examine the suitcase

On the dresser is a one way Bus Ticket and a Cunard Ascania postcard.

Interview Candy Edwards:

Question #1 Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie, Evidence = Magazine Coupon

Question #2 List of Odds Recovered: Lie, Evidence = Bookmaker’s Odds

Question #3 Plans to Leave Town: Doubt

Tail Candy Edwards

Bookmaker’s Office (Thrifty Liquor):

Use the pencil on the notepad by the phone.

Bookmaker’s Office (Examiner Drugstore):

Examine Cab Card by phone.

Use phone.

Talk to the bookie.

Ray’s Bookmakers:

Tail the cab

Bus Depot:

Stay incognito, then enter the bathroom after Candy.

Examine the Revolver outside the stall and the purse to find a Moive Ticket from the Egyptian Theater.

Egyptian Theater:

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