Vice Case #1 – The Black Caesar – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene (Junkies’ Apartment):

On the floor of the apartment is a wallet with a drivers license and Numbers Slip.  There is also a popcorn cup from the Black Caesar.

Examine the body in the chair.

On the floor to the right of the body in the chair there is Morphine Syrettes and another popcorn cup from the Black Caesar.

In the kitchen on the counter there is another Black Caesar popcorn cup, but this one has Morphine taped to the bottom.

On the dining room table there is a Strange Doodle and a music sheet.

Examine the body on the floor.  Examine the victim’s left arm to find track marks.  Examine the shirt pocket to find a wallet with a driver’s license and a Radio Station Note.

Head across the street to the Black Caesar.

The Black Caesar:

Apprehend the fry cook.

Open the cardboard box to find Morphine Syrettes.

There is a breifcase on the floor containing Number Slips and a pass to the Blue Moon Jazz Club issued by Jermaine Jones.

Interview Fleetwood Morgan:

Question #1 Morphine Overdose Victims: Lie, Evidence = Morphine for Distribution

Question #2 Numbers Slips Recovered: Doubt

Use Telephone

Jones’ Booking Agency:

The sign on the wall reveals it’s suite 238.

Talk to Jones.

Examine the radio next to the piano. Use the Radio Station Note clue and turn it to 275FM. The radio will open to reveal 50,000 cash, Morphine Syrettes, a Number Slip, a bag of weed, and a sticker from Ramez Removals.

Interview Jermaine Jones:

Question #1 Army Surplus Morphine: Doubt

Question #2 Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt

Question #3 Involvement of Ottie: Lie, Evidence = Distributor Identified

Use Phone

Numbers Operation:

Examine all the telephones on the table.

Examine the slot machine.  Put holds on the symbols from the Strange Doodle.  Cherry, Bell, Win.  The slot machine will open to reveal Morphine Syrettes, Numbers Slips, and a sticker for Ramez Removals.

In Merlon Ottie’s waking cane is an IOU from Jose Ramez.

Interview Merlon Ottie:

Question #1 Army Surplus Morphine: Lie-Finkelstein Identified

Question #2 IOU Note from Jose Ramez: Truth

Ramez Removals:

There is a newspaper on the table to the left

There is a ledger on the table across from the newspaper.  Merlin Ottie and Polar Bear Ice Company come up frequently.

Find you way to the back of the room where there is a ladder to get to the upper level.

Play the crane game to remove the crate blocking the door to the room ajacent to the ladder you climbed.

In the room there are ice blocks containing something.  Shoot one to find Morphine Syrettes.

Polar Bear Ice Company:

The crate in back contains the stolen morphine.

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