Homicide Case #5 – The Studio Secretary Murder – L.A. Noire


Examine the two Pawned Rings.


Talk to the coroner.

Examine the body.  Inspect the head to find Vagrancy.  Examine the victim’s right arm to find Missing Ring

On a yellow blanket, there is a handbag with the Upper Half of a Letter and Movie Lot Job card.  There is also a matchbook from Mensch’s Bar and a paper from levines liquor store.

Interview John Ferdinand Jamison:

Question #1 Interference with Evidence: Truth

Question #2 Discovery of Victim’s Body: Doubt

Use Telephone for address to Levine’s Liquor Store

Levine’s Liquor Store:

(Go to Levine’s Liquor BEFORE Mensch’s Bar)

In her bedroom in the back there is a Book on the floor signed by Grosvenor McCaffrey and a photo.  There is also a pin from Rawling’s Bowling and an award.

Interview Robbins:

Question #1 Contact with Victim: Truth

Question #2 Relationship with Victim: Truth

Question #3 Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt

Mensch’s Bar:

Interview Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Question #1 Criminal History: Doubt

Question #2 Relationship with victim: Lie Evidence = Book


Central Police Station:

Meet the Captain downstairs.

Use Phone

Rawling’s Bowling Alley:

Chase James Tiernan

McCaffrey’s Apartment:

On the desk to the left is the other half of the Torn Letter.

On the floor there is a bloody pipe from Rawling’s Bowling and a bloody shirt.

McCaffrey is on the roof.

Central Police Station:

Note: You must go back and forth between the two to use their testimonies against each other.

Interrogate James Tiernan:

Interview Room 1:

Question #1 Relationship with Victim: Lie, Evidence = Victim Last Seen

Question #2 Victim’s Book Found: Doubt

Question #3 Alibi for James Tiernan: Lie, Evidence = Liquor Purchase

Question #4 Access to Murder Weapon: Doubt

Leave Interrogation to talk to McCaffrey

Question #5 Events Prior to Murder: Lie, Evidence = McCaffrey’s Accusation

Interrogate Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Interview Room 2:

Question #1 Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie, Evidence = Torn Letter

Question #2 Access to Tire Iron: Lie, Evidence = Tiernan Accusation

Use Phone for Evidence needed for Question #3

Question #3 Military Service: Lie, Evidence = McCaffrey’s Criminal Record

Charge Grosvenor McCaffrey

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