Homicide Case #4 – The White Shoe Slaying – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene:

Talk to the coroner for the Time of Death.

Examine the body.  Inspect the head to find Laundry Label on victim’s collar.

Examine evidence marker B to find Boot Prints.

Examine evidence marker C to find Tire Tracks.


Interview Catherine Barton:

Question #1 Suspicious Persons: Truth

Use Telephone to get address for Superior Laundry Services and Hobo Camp.


Superior Laundry Services:

Examine Laundry Ledger for F1363 to reveal an address.


43 Emerald Street:

In the bedroom to the left on the dresser there is a matchbook for Baron’s Bar and an overturned picture.

In the laundry room past the kitchen, the Victim’s Purse is by the sink.  In the purse is the Victim’s Drivers License.  By the back door are Size 8 Muddy Boots.  On the door to the washroom is a Wet Jacket.

Outside, examine the boat to find Bow Rope.

Interview Lars Taraldsen:

Question #1 Possible Suspects: Lie, Evidence = Bow Rope

Question #2 Alibi for Lars Taraldsen: Doubt

Question #3 Victim’s State of Mind: Doubt

Question #4 Last Contact with Victim: Lie, Evidence = Muddy Shoes or Wet Jacket

Use Telephone

Baron’s Bar:

Interview Benny Cluff:

Question #1 Last Contact with Victim: Truth

Question #2 Vagrant Male Suspect: Doubt

Question #3 Yellow Cab 3591: Truth

Chase down Richard Bates

Interview with Richard Bates:

Question #1 Contact with Victim: Doubt

Question #2 Account of movements: Doubt

Use a Telephone to put out an APB on the yellow cab, and learn that the sailor has turned himself in at the station. Before heading back to central station, hop in your police car and listen for the taxi cab on the scanner.

Yellow Cab Trace

Use your notebook to mark the location of the yellow cab trace. Speak to the cabbie for the victim’s last movements.

Note: If you do not go immediately to the yellow cab (if you respond to a street crime, for example), or if you let your partner drive (fast travel) instead of driving to the next location yourself, you may experience a common bug where the cab does not appear where it should on your map. If this happens, you can find the cab on Garland Ave. just south of the Garland Ave. & 7th street intersection.

Central Police Station:

Interrogate James Jessop:

Question #1 Contact with Victim: Doubt

Question #2 Incident with Bates: Doubt

Question #3 Movements prior to murder: Doubt

Question #4 Cab ride with victim: Doubt

Leave the station, you’ll see a cutscene that leads you to the hobo camp, but go to the bus depot first.

Bus Depot

Walk into the depot and speak to the woman at the front desk to get a lead on the bus driver and inspect the bus route map.

Bus Route No. 74

Using your police siren, head clockwise along the route going as fast as possible until you catch up with the bus. It may take awhile to catch up to the bus. Speak to Frank Zeferelli to get the victim’s last movements.

Hobo Camp:

Fight Stuart Ackerman

On the table in his shack is a purse.  Inside is a ticket to a ballroom.

On his nightstand is a Bloodstained Rope.

On some crates is a newspaper.

Central Police Station:

Interrogate Stuart Ackerman:

Question #1 Motive for Murder: Doubt

Question #2 Contact with Victim: Doubt

Question #3 Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Lie, evidence = Purse

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