Homicide Case #3 – The Silk Stocking Murder – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene


  1. Examine Body. Examine right arm for removed ring.  Examine left arm for library card. Examine the torso for lipstick message.  Examine head for lacerations on neck.
  2. Examine evidence marker A investigate bloodied stocking.
  3. Examine evidence marker C investigate blood trail
  4. Follow blood trail to hat marked “Antonia”
  5. Follow more blood down alley to trashcan, examine shoe.
  6. Follow blood trail some more to find house keys attached to red pipe.
  7. Follow trail a little further inspect dot hole pattern card.
  8. Climb up to roof, inspect empty envelope in coop
  9. Follow path further, inspect gold case.
  10. Climb up pipe, inspect ring on string attached to chimney.
  11. Climb further, inspect paint brush, inspect purse. (other half of library card in purse)

Antonia’s Residence (boarding house)


  1. Investigate Room 5 Upstairs
  2. Investigate Broken Window
  3. Investigate photo in dresser
  4. Investigate letter in suitcase.

Interview Barbara Lapenti

  • Question #1 Possible Suspects: True
  • Question #2 Movements of Victim: Doubt
  • Question #3 Evidence of Break-In: Lie, Evidence = Broken Window
  • Question #4 Breakdown of Marraige: Lie, Evidence = Charm bracelet photograph.

El Dorado Bar

Investigate Letter


Interview Diego Agular

  • Question #1 Missing Jewelery: Doubt
  • Question #2 Movements of Victim: Truth

Head out back to bump into delivery boy.

Maldonado Residence


  1. There is a crate from the Just Picked Fruit Market on the floor of the kitchen.
  2. There is a matchbook from the El Dorado on the Kitchen Counter.
  3. There’s a bloodied Shirt hanging on the wall in the kitchen.
  4. Talk to the neighbors on the floor.  You’ll get the Husbands Alibi after talking to the neighbor in room 302.

Use the telephone.

Central Police Station

Meet the Captain in the basement.

Examine the two new letters.

Interview Angel Maldonado

  • Question #1 Last Contact with Victim: Lie = Husband’s alibi
  • Question #2 Jewelry Taken from Body: Truth
  • Question #3 Divorce Proceedings: Lie, Evidence = Divorce Papers
  • Question #4 Bloodstained Shirt Found: Doubt

Just Picked Fruit Market

Interview Clem Feeney

  • Question #1 Distinctive Necklace: Doubt
  • Question #2 Contact with Victim: Doubt
  • Question #3 Movements of Victim: Truth

Investigate the back room

  1. There is a Bloody Scalpel on the desk.
  2. There is a box in the cabinet drawer, that requires a combination.  The combination is on the dot pattern diagram. 2, 5, 3.
  3. You will find Antonia’s Charm Bracelet in the box.
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