Homicide Case #2 – The Golden Butterfly – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene


  1. Talk to the officer who was 1st on scene, he will lead you to the body of the victim.
  2. Talk to the Coroner.
  3. Examine Body.  Examine the head to find Rope Pattern on her neck. Examine her left arm to find where a ring was violently removed. Examine her right arm to see her watch torn off Missing Jewelry. Examine her torso to reveal Small Men’s Footprints.
  4. Examine evidence marker C, there is a purse with name-tag Deidre Moller and money left behind.
  5. Examine evidence marker B, there are some footprints.

Moller Residence


  1. In the bedroom to the right, on the floor in the are Size 8 Work boots.
  2. On the dresser is are empty cases for missing watch and wedding ring.

Interview Michelle Moller

  • Question #1 Missing Watch and Rings: Truth
  • Question #2 Last Contact with Victim: Doubt
  • Question #3 State of Parents Marriage: Doubt

Interview Hugo Moller

  • Question #1 Footprints at Crime Scene: Lie, Evidence = Size 8 Work Boots
  • Question #2 Missing Persons Report: Doubt
  • Question #3 Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie, Evidence = Husband’s Alibi
  • Question #4 Movements of Victim: Truth
  • Question #5 History of Violence: Lie, Evidence = Butterfly Brooch

(Note: Sometimes Question 4 will not be available.)

  • Question the neighbor.

Chase Hugo Down


  1. Examine the incinerator to find Size 8 Bloody shoes.
  2. Use telephone for Belmont High School address.

(Note: If you are able to get 5/5 questions correct with Hugo, he will give the address to Belmont High School. This will cancel the “telephone call to R&I” part. But if you only have 4 questions to ask Hugo, you will still have to call in for the address.)

(Note: You cannot skip the dialogue on the drive to Belmont High if you want to be able to go to Central Morgue.)

Belmont High School


  1. Apprehend Eli Rooney to find he has the Butterfly Brooch.
  2. Look in the trunk of the car to find bloody tire iron, rope, and overalls.

Use the telephone.

Central Morgue


  1. Examine the different kinds of rope. (Choose the bottom rope to activate dialogue/cutscene)
  2. Examine the shoe imprints next to the rope. (Hover over left shoe imprint and press A/X to activate dialogue/cutscene)
  3. Examine the corpse of the victim  (actives a mini dialogue/cutscene)

Interrogation of Hugo Moller

Go to “Interview Room #2”

  • Question #1 Disposal of Evidence: Truth
  • Question #2 Access to Braided Rope: Doubt
  • Question #3 Access to Tire Iron: Lie, Evidence = Bloody Tire Iron
  • Question #4 Victim’s Vehicle Recovered: Lie, Evidence = Overalls

Don’t charge Hugo with the murder

Interrogation of Eli Rooney

Head to “Interview Room #1”

  • Question #1 Place of Employment: Doubt
  • Question #2 Access to Braided Rope: Truth
  • Question #3 Motive for Moller Murder: Doubt
  • Question #4 Footprints at Crime Scene: Doubt

(Note: You must have examined the shoe print at the Central Morgue to get Question #4.)
Charge Eli with the murder

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