Homicide Case #1 – The Red Lipstick Murder – L.A. Noire

Crime Scene


  1. Look near evidence marker C to find Size 8 Shoe prints on the ground in front of the body.
  2. Near evidence marker A you will find the victim’s purse with Lipstick inside.
  3. Near evidence marker B there is a little globe puzzle that opens up to reveal a lighter from the Bamba Club
  4. Examine body. Examine the head closely to reveal blunt force trauma.  Examine her left arm to reveal Missing Jewelry.

The Bamba Club

Talk to the bartender

Interview Dick McColl

  • Question #1 Suspect Seen with Victim: Truth (you will get the Round Heels Achievement for this answer)
  • Question #2 Ring Stolen From Victim: Doubt
  • Question #3 Knowledge of Husband: Doubt

Use the phone

(Note: you will get the Round Heels Achievement if you answer #1 correctly)

Henry Residence


  1. Right as you walk in there is a Newspaper on the floor.
  2. In the dining room to the left you will find a Size 9 Female Shoe on the floor.
  3. Examine the broken window to discover it was a Forced Entry.
  4. There is a note on the fridge from Jacob Henry.
  5. In the bedroom there is an empty ring box on the dresser and a photo with her wearing the ring.
  6. Interview the neighbor next door, she is marked with a blue dot on the mini map.

Jacob Henry’s Apartment


  1. On the cabinet in the kitchen is a notepad, use the pencil to reveal it as a Death Threat Note.
  2. In the bedroom in the suitcase, you’ll find Size 11 Shoes.

Interview Jacob Henry:

  • Question #1 Movements of victim: Lie, Evidence = Husband’s alibi
  • Question #2 Last Contact with Victim: Truth
  • Question #3 Motive for Murder: Lie, Evidence = Death Threat Note

Use the telephone to get the license plate results and coroner’s results from the autopsy.

Interrogate Jacob Henry

  • Question #1 Access to Murder Weapon: Lie Evidence = Husband’s Alibi
  • Question #2 Lipstick Markings: Truth
  • Question #3 Deterioration of Marriage: Lie, Evidence = Marital Problems
  • Question #4 Missing Jewelry: Truth

Mendez’s Apartment:


  1. Look at the mailboxes to discover Mendez lives in apartment #16
  2. In the bedroom first look at the floor to find Size 8 Shoes, there is a box on the floor with Used Lipstick and a bloody Socket Wrench.

(Note: After looking at the murder weapon, a cut-scene will trigger, so look at it last.)

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