DLC Case – A Slip of the Tongue – L.A. Noire

Stolen Vehicle Call

Chase Harrison

Interview Cliff Harrison:

Vehicle Reported as Stolen: Truth

Motive For Flight: Doubt

Vehicle purchase details: Truth

Also if you can stop Harrison before the Police baracade you unlock the achievement “Nowhere In a Hurry”

Coombs Automotive Co.

Interview Richard Coombs:

Details of Transaction: Truth

Description of suspect: Truth

Association with Marquee: Truth

Check Payment details: Doubt

Suspicious transaction: Doubt

After talking to Coombs go to the gamewell and call in.

146 North Fremont ave.

Discover it’s an empty lot and head back to the station.

Central Police Station

Interview James Belasco:

Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt

Association with Archer: Lie Use: Fake Address

Auto Theft Racket: Doubt

Stolen vehicles warehoused: Doubt

Western Union Office

Quickly drive to catch up to Jean Archer

Interview Jean Archer:

Stolen Kaiser Frazer: Doubt

Association with Belasco: Lie Use: Stolen auto courier

Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt

Also by getting those right you will get the achievement “Femme Imbecile”

Marquee Printing Company

Interview Gordon Leitvol:

Knowledge of theft racket: Doubt

Pink slip supply: Doubt

Coombs Auto deliveries: Doubt

View his ledger. Point out Bigelow’s name

58 Industrial Street

During the shoot-out if you can make the engine block fall from the ceiling and kill a goon you will unlock the achievement “Chop Shop” Just wait until a goon goes behind the desk in the middle of the warehouse.

Examine the Delivery Note on the table
Examine the Betting slips on the table
Examine the Box of pink slips on the table behind Bigelow

Interview Steven Bigelow:

Pink slip supply: Doubt

Association with Leitvol: Lie Use: Deliveries Ledger

Marquee Printing Company

Interview Gordon Leitvol:

Deliveries to Industrial St: Lie Use: Betting slips

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