Traffic Case #3 – The Fallen Idol – L.A. Noire

Crash Site


  1. Head down past the police line to investigate the crash.
  2. On the car there is a Letter from Mother and Underwear.
  3. Talk to the coroner to get the Prop Shrunken Head.

Interview June Ballard

  • Question #1 Doping Allegation: Doubt
  • Question #2 Suspect Mark Bishop: Doubt
  • Question #3 Injured Female Passenger: Lie, Evidence = Underwear
  • Question #4 Fake Shrunken Head: Doubt

Interview Jessica Hamilton

  • Question #1 Crash Incident Report: Lie, Evidence = Underwear
  • Question #2 Contact with Parents: Lie, Evidence = Letter from Mother
  • Question #3 Association with Bishop: Doubt
  • Question #4 Evidence of Criminal Abuse: Truth


Tail June Ballard, when you get to the restaurant, wait until she gets on the phone then enter and sit a the booth with the newspaper.

Bishop’s Apartment


  1. In the first room on the left there’s a $20,000 check on the floor.
  2. There is a Saddle in the main room to the left.
  3. There is a Movie Set Photo and a Movie Set Replica in the second room on the left.
  4. There is a Prop Store Photograph on the table by Mrs. Bishop.

Interview Gloria Bishop

  • Question #1 Domestic Disturbance: Doubt
  • Question #2 Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
  • Question #3 Check for $20,000: Doubt
  • Question #4 Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt


Use phone for Silver Screen Props Location.

Silver Screen Props


  1. After you go to the back sound stage, there is a mirror on the wall with a camera behind it.
  2. On the shelf in the same room there is a pill bottle with Chloral Hydrate.
  3. Go back towards the entrance, take a left and you’ll find a newspaper on the table to the right.
  4. To the left of the newspaper you’ll find Prop Shrunken Head Molds.
  5. To the right of the dumpsters there is a fake wall hiding the Secret Camera Room
  6. On the table in the Secret Camera Room, you’ll find a Film Reel and an Empty Film Canister

Interview Marlon Hopgood

  • Question #1 Association with Bishop: Lie, Evidence = Chloral Hydrate
  • Question #2 Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
  • Question #3 Relationship with Ballard: Lie, Evidence = Empty Film Canister
  • Question #4 Evidence of Blackmail: Lie, Evidence = Blackmail
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