Traffic Case #2 – A Marriage Made in Heaven – L.A. Noire

Ray’s Cafe – Crime Scene


  1. Examine the body. There is a life insurance letter on the right side, and his wallet on the left side.
  2. Examine evidence markers A/B/C.
  3. To the left of Ray’s in the alley, there is a bloody knife in the trash.

(Note: You will get the achievement Stab-Rite for finding this on your first sweep of the crime scene)

Interview Shannon Perry

  • Question #1 Eyewitness Report: Truth
  • Question #2 Suspect Vehicle Description: Truth
  • Question #3 Argument Overheard: Doubt

Inside Ray’s

There is a newspaper on the bar.

Interview Dudley Lynch:

  • Question #1 Hit and Run Incident: Doubt
  • Question #2 Association with Victim: Truth
  • Question #3 Argument Overheard in Bar: Doubt
  • Question #4 Joint Business Venture: Doubt

Use the phone in the back of the bar.

Pattison Residence

Interview Lorna Pattison:

  • Question #1 Hit and Run Incident: Doubt
  • Question #2 Nature of Argument: Doubt
  • Question #3 Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie, Evidence = Insurance Letter

Use the phone in the bedroom to access Central Morgue.

Shelton Residence (not required)

Chase William Shelton

Central Morgue

Talk to the Coroner

Pattison Residence

Chase Leroy and take him out without hurting the hostage.

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