Traffic Case #1 – The Driver’s Seat – L.A. Noire

P.E. Freight Depot


  1. Talk to the doctor at the car.
  2. Open the trunk of the car to find Receipt for Live Hog.
  3. Investigate Evidence Marker A to find Adrian Black’s Wallet and Stenzel Glasses.
  4. Investigate Evidence Marker B to find the Instaheat bloody pipe.
  5. Investigate Evidence Marker C to find the Blood Stains.

Interview Nate Wilkey

  • Question #1 Purpose at Scene: Truth
  • Question #2 Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Question #3 Contents of Wallet: Doubt
  • Question #4 Bloodstained Pipe Found: Truth

Black Residence


  1. There is a newspaper on the dining room table.  Pick up the matchbook behind the newspaper to discover the Cavanagh’s Bar (There is another matchbook in Adrian’s bedroom).  Then use the phone to get the address.
  2. In the bedroom with the closed door you will find a Train Ticket.  On the dresser you will find a Stenzel glasses case.  Also on the dresser is a picture with a secret note inside it.
  3. In the kitchen on the table there is an Instaheat flyer and an Instaheat receipt.
  4. Outside the kitchen window, you must repair the Instaheat fixtures.  The straight gold pipe goes to the gold fixtures on the left.  The bent gold pipe goes to the gold fixtures on the right.  The silver pipe with two bends goes on the silver fixtures on the right connected to the box. The silver pipe with one bend goes to the silver fixture on the left.

Investigate Margaret Black:

  • Question #1 Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
  • Question #2 Cavanagh’s Bar matchbook: Truth
  • Question #3 Location of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Question #4 Stenzel Glasses Case: Truth
  • Question #5 Photograph signed Nicole: Lie, Evidence = Concealed Message
  • Question #5 Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth

Cavanagh’s Bar

Talk to the bartender, and he will direct you to talk to Frank Morgan in the back of the bar.

Interview with Frank Morgan:

  • Question #1 Link to abandoned vehicle: Lie, Evidence = Reciept for Live Hog
  • Question #2 Location of Adrian Black: Doubt

(Note: if you get question 2 wrong, there will be a question 3 and you will also have to tail Morgan home, which is not fun)

Frank Morgan’s Apartment

Check the mailboxes to find out he lives in apartment #2.

  • Chase Adrian.
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