Film Reels – L.A. Noire


  1. The Big Sleep: Located on Hollywood Blvd. Follow the trolley track toward a water tower, where you’ll find the reel.
  2. Crossfire: Hit the corner of Heliotrope Drive and Melrose, where you’ll find a Southwestern Motors gas station. Between the station and the neighboring garage is an alley you can take that will get you close to the L.A. Speedway’s wall. Head toward the trailers that are parked at the loading dock — you want the furthest to the left when facing the dock. Look on the ground nearby.
  3. Laura: In the Wilshire park, look for the reel on one of the tables.
  4. Brute Force: In Hollywood, heading west from Schrader Blvd., you’ll find a dead-end street. Look for the reel between the neighborhood street and the nearby football field.
  5. Nightmare Alley: Head north of Franklin Ave. in Hollywood to find a shopping area that’s two stories high, near Ivar Ave. Look for an alley on the west side of the shopping area. Look for the Capt’n Saltee billboard, and check beneath the captain to find the reel.
  6. Night and the City: Walk out to the gazebo in the middle of the MacArthur Park Pond.
  7. Gilda: Go to the intersection of Cahuenga and De Longpre. You’ll find a Circle K gas station with two palm trees, and the film reel between them.
  8. In a Lonely Place: On El Centro Ave. in Hollywood is the Hawaii Mini Golf course. Check the tee for Hole 8.
  9. The Letter: In Hollywood, head to the Crossroads of the World. Starting at Selma Ave., head up the stairs on your left and check the porch on the second level.
  10. The Spiral Staircase: Head to the park on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood, near Samuel’s Delicatessen. Head to the birdbath in the park and you’ll find the reel.
  11. Thieves’ Highway: On Maplewood Ave., you’ll find Joe’s Drive-In. Inside, go to the register and check the counter.
  12. The Woman in the Window: Find the neighborhood at Lemongrove and Wilton Place. Head to the courtyard in the center of the area with the picnic tables, and you’ll find the reel on top of one.
  13. Sunset Boulevard: Go to Melrose Ave. and find the courtyard there near some shops. Look for the reel near a tree, on the ground.
  14. The Narrow Margin: Head to Hobart Blvd. between Santa Monica and Lemongrove. Look for a brown mansion with a red roof and hop the stone wall to get into its back yard. Run around the hedges and get in close to the fountain, where the reel sits on the ground.
  15. White Heat: Between Mariposa and Alexandria is an apartment building. Go to the second floor walkway, where you’ll find the reel.
  16. House of Bamboo: Go to Western Iron Works on Alameda and go inside by busting down the car barricade. Inside, climb up to the catwalk and turn right.
  17. M: Find the two-story green house in the neighborhood between Rosewood and Clinton Street. Nearby is a white, one-story house. Get into the back yard and you’ll find the reel beside a see-saw.
  18. Where the Sidewalk Ends: On Sunset Blvd., find The Palladium theater, near Vine Ave. Check behind the big column at the theater’s entrance.
  19. The Killers: At the Elysian Fields development on 1st St., look for a construction house. Head to the northwest corner of the incomplete building.
  20. The Killing: At Hoover St. and 6th is a big church cathedral. On the west side, walk along the covered walkway to find the reel.
  21. The Lady from Shanghai: In Wilshire, find the baseball field. The reel is sitting on the pitcher’s mound.
  22. The Third Man: Locate the park on Hoover St. Follow the dirt path up a hill at the north end of the park and you’ll find an overlook. Get over to the nearby benches and look for the reel just beyond.
  23. Shadow of a Doubt: Enter the smaller hanger at the Wilshire Airport, where you’ll find the reel on the ground.
  24. The Big Clock: In Wilshire, look for a largish white one-story house, located on a twisting street that’s between Alvaredo St. and Grand View.
  25. The Set-Up: Between New Hampshire Ave. and Berendo St., look for a tan house in between two red ones. Reel is on the back porch.
  26. Double Indemnity: On the easternmost street in L.A., head north from Olympic until you hit a military base. Break through the gates and get behind the first big building, located on the left side as you drive up. You’ll find a sidewalk that leads ahead to a fork and then right, where you’ll find some tables near a firing range. The reel is on one of these.
  27. The Night of the Hunter: Go to the Hillside Motel and get into it’s back courtyard. Go to the northeast corner of the pool and look on the deck near it for the reel.
  28. The Big Carnival: Near the corner of 9th and Figueroa is a grayish two-story house. Check the back porch.
  29. The Naked City: At the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Bonnie Brae St., you’ll find a big blue house. Walk around on its wrap-around porch to the east side, where the reel awaits.
  30. This Gun for Hire: There’s a construction site just north of Beverly near Glendale Blvd. Break through the gates using a car and find a wooden scaffolding, where the reel is, up off the ground.
  31. Sweet Smell of Success: Between Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Blvd. and Alvaredo St. is a construction in a back yard. Look for a big hole in the ground where a foundation is going, and check under the tent shelter thing nearby.
  32. Rififi: On sixth street east of Avaredo, look for a blue house on a corner with white trim and a white picket fence out front. The reel is on the porch.
  33. Murder, My Sweet: Between Burlington and Beacon avenues and 8th and 9th is a courtyard with some stores in it. Look for a set of stairs that lead down into an underground parking garage. On the lower level, look for the reel near a tree.
  34. Mildred Pierce: Enter the train tunnel that runs under 4th Street. The entrances are near Beverly Ave. and 5th Street. You’ll find the reel at the fork in the path.
  35. Leave Her to Heaven: In the north of the Central Division is an abandoned and empty public pool. Enter from the east and follow the path to the right, which wraps around a building. You’ll find the reel on the ground in a yard there.
  36. Pickup on South Street: Head to Union Station. Check the counter in the gift shop inside.
  37. The Maltese Falcon: Find Bakers on Grand Ave., then go around back and find the fenced lot behind it. The reel is on the ground near the fence inside.
  38. Angels with Dirty Faces: There’s a construction site at the corner of Spring and 2nd Street. Head inside and climb up onto the scaffolding platform surrounding the site. Look for a big wire spool flipped sideways, on top of which is the reel.
  39. Strangers on a Train: Head to the Bell Systems Depot building, near the corner of Main and 2nd St. You’ll need to get into the parking lot around back, where you’ll find a small walkway with a half wall flanking it. You’ll find the reel inside.
  40. Touch of Evil: Head to the Los Angeles Theater on Broadway. Enter the alley from 6th St. to the back of the theater, then climb the pole and get to the ladder that leads up to the roof. Look for the reel toward the front.
  41. Out of the Past: In the trolley station near 6th and Broadway.
  42. The Asphalt Jungle: On the train platform at Los Angeles St. and 6th St., where the tracks converge.
  43. The Big Heat: Find Angel’s Flight on 3rd Street, then go northwest about a block to find a short railroad track. On the wooden porch at the top is the reel.
  44. Scarlet Street: There’s an alley off Palmetto St. Find the reel on the ground there.
  45. Detour: Go to the train terminal shelter near Bay St. The reel is on the tracks between two train cars.
  46. Notorious: There’s a warehouse near the easternmost street in Los Angeles. A dirt path will lead you into the warehouse, where you’ll find the reel inside an office.
  47. Key Largo: When you do “A Different Kind of War,” check the side porch of Ira’s house.
  48. Body and Soul: Head to the 7th Street Bridge and check the lower level. You’ll get down to a stairwell that leads inside one of the bridge’s supports, up to the first floor. Pass some hobos and look for the reel on the right, near the edge of the bridge.
  49. Gun Crazy: Follow 1st Street to its eastern end, then follow the trolley rails that head to the right and loop around a water tower. Check near the small water tower for the reel.
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