The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Key : Heart Piece = H //// Golden Bug = $ //// Poe Soul = P

1. The Beginning

Intro Cutscene
Ordon Village
Ordon Village 2
Weapon Tutorial
Faron Woods – H
Ordon Village 3
Final Cutscenes

2. Link’s Transformation

Wolf Link
Mysterious Castle
Ordon Village
More Cutscenes
Vessel of Light
The Vessel is Full
Toxic Monkey

3. Forest Temple

Welcome to the Temple
Monkey Mayhem – H
Mini Boss
Gale Boomerang – H
More Monkeys
Boss – H

4. To Kakariko

Start Collecting – H, $$
Follow Your Nose
Vessel of Light 1
Vessel of Light 2
Another Cutscene
More Collecting – H, $$$$
Sumo Time
More Goat Herding – H
Ogre Thievery

5. Goron Mines

To the Goron Mines
Sumo Skills
Hot Lava
Walking on the Walls – H
More Walking on Walls – H
Mini Boss
Hero’s Bow
Exploding Barrels
Boss – H

6. Restoring the Lake

Intro Cutscene
Bombz N Hearts – HHH
More Collecting – HH, $$$$
Follow Your Nose Again
Lake Hylia
Zora’s Domain
Vessel of Light Part 1
Vessel of Light Part 2
Vessel of Light Mini Boss
A Strange Cutscene
Chicken Riding – H

7. Lakebed Temple

Hidden Skill
Protect the Wagon
To the Temple
Getting the Map
Bubble Boy
Around She Goes
Mini Boss
Clawshot – H
Slip N Slide
Water Maze
Almost There – H
Boss – H
Final Cutscenes

8. The Master Sword

Talking Cats – P
Back to the Forest
Mini Boss
The Schword – H, P

9. Crossing the Desert

The Helm Splitter
Cannon Launch – P
Catching Dayflies at Night – $$, PP
Mortal Draw – P
Boar Roast – H
Mini Boss – P

10. Arbiter’s Grounds

Enter the Temple
Ghostbusting – H
Ghostbusting 2
Ghostbusting 3
Invisible Rats
Mini Boss
Ridin’ Spinners
Boss Part 1
Boss Part 2 – H

11. The Cold Cold North

Heading North
Reek Fishing – P
The Sweet Smell

12. Snowpeak Ruins

Meet the Yetis – P
Deliver the Pumpkin
Crazy Cannonballs
Mini Boss
Ball and Chain
Icy Puzzle – H
Ice Battle Royal
To the Bedroom

13. Sacred Grove

Jump Strike
Golden Chicken
Horn Player
Magical Doorway

14. Temple of Time

Enter the Temple
Elevator Room
Armored Lizards
Booby Traps
Mini Boss
Dominion Rod
Tipping the Scales – P
Boss Key – H
Elevator Room Again – P
More Booby Traps – H
Boss – H
Finishing Up – H

15. Detective Link

Renado’s Letter
Doctor Visit
Night Dogs
Poes – PP
Hidden Village
Howl Stone
Ilia’s Memory
Statue Hunt
Statue Hunt Part 2
Glitch Room

16. City in the Sky

To the Temple
The Fun Begins
Wind Room
Flying Ooccoos
Mini Boss
Double Claw Shot
Claw Shot Shenanigans
Master Plant – H
Hanging Around – H, P
Boss Key – P
More Dragons
Boss Part 1
Boss Part 2 – H

17. Palace of Twilight

Black Fog
The Sol – H
Free the Twili
Phantom Zant
Hand Escape – H
Light Blade
Boss Key
To the Boss Fight
Boss Part 1
Boss Part 2
Cutscene – H

18. Hyrule Castle

Great Spin
Ogre Fight
Boar Riding
Hidden Graveyard
Into the Castle
The West Wing
The Secret Room
Puppet Zelda
Beast Ganon
Horseback Ganon
The Final Showdown
Cutscene / Credits
The End

More Heart Pieces

Kakariko Gorge – H
Castle Town – H
Lake Hylia – H, PP
Lanayru Spring – H
Plumm’s Game – H
Fishing Hole – H
Bridge of Eldin – H
Hotwater to the Castle – H
East of the Castle – H
North of Eldin Bridge – H
Snowboarding – H
Snowpeak Ruins – H
North of the Castle – H
Catching Cats – H
Eldin Bridge – H
Southwest of the Castle – H, P

More Bugs

Hylia Bridge – BB
North of the Castle – BB
East of the Castle – BB
South of the Castle – BB, P
Sacred Grove – BB
Zora’s Domain – BB

Side Quests

Big Wallet
Giant Wallet
Big Quiver
Giant Quiver
Bomb Bag 1
Bomb Bag 2
Giant Bomb Bag
Magic Armor

Cave of Ordeals

Cave of Ordeals Part 1
Cave of Ordeals Part 2
Cave of Ordeals Part 3
Cave of Ordeals Part 4
Cave of Ordeals Part 5
Cave of Ordeals Final 2 Rooms

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