For Honor – Gudmundr Realistic Difficulty Guide – 1.6 Wolves Among Sheep

Gudmundr on Realistic difficulty!
►Equipped feats: Second wind level 2, flesh wound level 2 reduce damage by 30% (passive
►Tough as nails level 2 when you get it, level 1 Raise max health by 25%
►100 health, 20 damage taken per hit, 5 hits to die
►Flesh wound turns that to 14 damage per hit, 7.1 hits to die
►Tough as nails raises health to 125, 20 damage per hit, 6.25 hits to die – Have to be 42% increase to be better than Flesh Wound
►DO NOT EQUIP: Unblockable!
►Moves: crushing counterstrike is excellent (Right Stick forward and light attack) – Has a superior block ability during startup, making it relatively easy to pull off blocks
Same with Vanguard’s advance, RB RB RT
Save your throwable items for the final stage

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