Dark Souls 3 – Spoiler Free Bonfire To Bonfire Walkthrough

The Bonfire 2 Bonfire, spoiler free walkthrough of Dark Souls 3 has begun! This walkthrough is intended for fans of Dark Souls who may be lost and need a push in the right direction, but do not necessarily a full detailed step by step walkthrough.

Part 2 – High Wall of Lothric

Part 3 – Undead Settlement

Part 4 – Road of Sacrifices (Fork A)

Part 5 – Cathedral of the Deep

Part 6 – Road of Sacrifices (Fork B)

Part 7 – Keep Ruins

Part 8 – Catacombs of Carthus

Part 9 – Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Part 10 – Irithyll Dungeon to the Profaned Capital

Part 11 – Profaned Capital

Part 12 – Distant Manor to Pontiff Sulyvahn

Part 13 – Anor Londo

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