20XX – Power Hidden Abilities & Boss Order Guide

20xx Boss Order

►Death Lotus drops Mortar, use on Vile Visage
►Vile Visage drops Force Nova, use on Eternal Star
►Eternal Star drops Shadespur, use on Perforator
►Perforator drops Vera, use on Kur
►Kur drops Quint Laser, use on Shatterbeak
►Shatterbeak drops Splinterfrost, use on Twin Astrals
►Twin Astrals drop Flameshield, use on Rollster
►Rollster drops Boomerang Blade, use on Death Lotus

20XX Power Bonus effects

►Mortar turns into a pineapple seeking missile
►Force Nova disables electricity barriers
►Shadespur makes disappearing platforms permanent
►Vera can be used to levitate when fired straight down
►Quint Laser can be charged 3 times, and when fully charged, can destroy vending machines
►Splinterfrost can be fired diagonally and freeze flame turrets
►Flameshield blocks ice turrets
►Boomerang Blade picks up nuts/health/etc dropped by enemies and regenerates energy

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