World Map and Biomes Flowchart – Dead Cells wiki

1.1 The Prisoners’ Cells (leads to The Promenade of the Condemned and The Toxic Sewers)

2.1 The Promenade of the Condemned (leads to The Ramparts, Ossuary and The Prison Depths)
2.2 The Toxic Sewers (leads to The Ramparts and The Old Sewers)

3.1 The Ramparts (leads to The Black Bridge)
3.2 Old Sewers (leads to The Insufferable Crypt)
3.3 The Prison Depths (leads to Ossuary)
3.4 Ossuary (leads to The Black Bridge)

4.1 The Black Bridge (leads to The Fog Fjord and Slumbering Sanctuary)
4.2 The Insufferable Crypt (leads to Slumbering Sanctuary and Graveyard)

5.1 Fog Fjord (leads to The Clock Tower and Forgotten Sepulchre)
5.2 Slumbering Sanctuary (leads to The Clock Tower and Forgotten Sepulchre)
5.3 Graveyard (leads to Forgotten Sepulchre)

6.1 Forgotten Sepulchre (leads to The Clock Room)
6.2 The Clock Tower (leads to The Clock Room)

7.1 Clock Room (leads to The Warf)

8.1 The Wharf

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