EX Treasure: Merchant Hood Walkthrough – DLC Pack 2 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The royal family of Hyrule collected historically significant outfits, but they were stolen by a bandit named Misko. One of the items stolen was a traveling merchant’s hood.

Somewhere in the Deya Village Ruins is a journal that places the location of this treasure…

“The travelling merchant’s hood is in the right hand of the dragon that consumes the Spring of Courage at Dracozu Lake.”

Misko’s EX Journal 2 notes where the traveling merchant’s hood is hidden… but where could this mysterious dragon be?

Ravio’s Hood Treasure Location

Ravio’s Hood: The hood of a traveling merchant who had a bracelet that could turn the wearer into a painting. Wearing it increases your sideways climbing speed. It’s a rather rare find.

Travel to the Shae Katha shrine, east of Lake Hylia. Exit the dragon’s mouth, and climb underneath the dragon’s right claw (the western claw).

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