Tips & Tricks – The Surge


Recovering Scrap

  • When you die you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to retrieve your lost scrap.
  • Each enemy you kill adds an additional 20 seconds to retrieve your lost scrap.

PC QuickSave

  • The PC version has an unlisted quicksave and quickload function. F5 to quicksave, F8 to quickload

Drone Energy Storage

  • Store extra energy after a fight in your drone by pressing Y when not locked on any enemies. When energy is stored, there will be a little lightning bolt icon on the drone icon. You can now summon your drone at the start of a fight before building up energy

Weapon Cycling

  • Favorite weapons in your inventory to quickly swap between them in combat with left of the d-pad

Destroy Extra Implants and Armor for Scrap

  • When swapping out implants at the med bay, you can destroy worthless and unused implants for scrap
  • When changing your armor in the inventory screen, you can destroy unwanted armor for scrap.

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