16 Song of the Hero – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

The Imprisoned Boss – Third Time

Flooded Faron Woods

Collect the Tadtones

Side Quest – Strange Plant Wanted

Kidnapped by Bokoblins

Kidnapped by Bokoblins – Part 2

Kidnapped by Bokoblins – Part 3

Side Quest – Missing Crystal Ball

Side Quest – Item Check Girl

Lanayru Gorge

Lanayru Gorge Part 2

Lanayru Gorge Part 3

Boss Rush Mode – Hylian Shield (MUST DO Best Shield)

Boss Rush Mode – Heart Piece

Song of the Hero & Collecting

Mini-Game Bamboo Island

All 15 Single Gratitude Crystals

Side Quest – Batreaux All 80 Gratitude Crystals (Tycoon Wallet)

Final Trial Skyloft

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