Walkthrough w/ All Heart Pieces and Goddess Cubes – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Complete Walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

In this walkthrough I will be getting every Piece of Heart, Goddess Cube, Gratitude Crystal and doing every Side Quest.

Key:  HP = Heart Piece //  GC = Goddess Cube //  CR = Gratitude Crystal  //  HC = Heart Container

01 Skyloft

Opening Sequence
Opening Cutscene
Rescue the Cat
Talk to Zelda
Find Groose
Weapon Training
Waterfall Cave
Wing Ceremony Intro
Wing Ceremony
Follow Fi
Statue of the Goddess
Gearing Up

02 Faron Woods

Sealed Grounds
Sealed Temple
Faron Woods – HP
Find the Kikwis
Deep Woods – 2xGC

03 Skyview Temple

Dungeon Map
Small Key
Main Chamber – HP
Small Key 2
Golden Carving (Boss Key)
Boss – Ghirahim – HC
Skyview Spring

04 Eldin Volcano

Goddess Cube Treasures – HP
Side Quest – Find Kukiel Part 1
Side Quest – Find Kukiel Part 2 – CRx5, HP
Beedle’s Airshop
Eldin Volcano – GCx2, HP
Digging Mitts – GC
Volcano Ascent
Find the Key Pieces – GCx3

05 Earth Temple

Bomb Bag
Dungeon Map
Ride the Lava Ball
Dragon Sculpture (Boss Key)
Boss – Scaldera – HC
Earth Spring

06 Lanayru Desert

Going Shopping
Collecting Treasure
Lanayru Mine – GC
Lanayru Desert
Hook Beetle – GC
Temple of Time – GC
Generator 1 – HP
Generator 2
Generator 3

07 Lanayru Mining Facility

Small Key
Gust Bellows
Dungeon Map
Dust Busting
Ancient Circuit (Boss Key)
Boss – Moldarach – HC
Temple of Time

08 Isle of Songs

Ballad of the Goddess
Boss – The Imprisoned
Sacred Shield
Sidequest – Missing Sister – CRx10
Sidequest – Pumpkin Landing – First Task
Sidequest – Pumpkin Landing – Second Task
Sidequest – Pumpkin Landing – Third Task – HP
Sidequest – Clean Pipit’s House – CRx5
Sidequest – Selling Bugs
Sidequest – Haunted Toilet – CRx5
Sidequest – Batreaux 10 Crystals – HP
Goddess Cube Treasures – HP
Broken Windmill
Get the Windmill Propeller
Isle of Songs
Sidequest – Fix Fun Fun Island – CRx5
Sidequest – Fun Fun Island Mini Game – HP
Sidequest – Batreaux 30 Gratitude Crystals

09 Lake Floria

First Trial – Fill the Spirit Vessel
Great Tree – GC
To Lake Floria – GC
Lake Floria – GC
Water Dragon
Skyview Temple Revisited – Small Key – HP
Skyview Temple Revisited – Mini Bosses
Sacred Water – GC

10 Ancient Cistern

Small Key
Dungeon Map
Lower the Statue
Boss Key
Boss – Koloktos
First Flame

11 Lanayru Sand Sea

Goddess Cube Treasures
Nayru’s Wisdom
Second Trial – Lanayru Desert – Clawshots
To Lanayru Sand Sea – GCx2
Lanayru Sand Sea – GC
Skippers Retreat – GC
Rickety Coaster Mine Cart Mini-Game – HP
Pirate Stronghold – Part 1
Pirate Stronghold – Part 2 – GC

12 Sandship

Finding the Sandship
Small Key
Pirate Mini-Boss – Bow and Arrow
Timeshift Stone – HP
Power Engine 1
Power Engine 2
Rescue the Crew – 2nd Small Key
Boss Key
Boss – Tentalus
Second Flame

13 Volcano Summit

Goddess Cube Treasures
Sidequest – Missing Rattle – CRx5
Sidequest – Fledge’s Workout – CRx5
Sidequest – Mini-Game – Pumpkin Pull – HP
More Collecting – HPx2, GCx3
Din’s Power
Third Trial – Eldin Volcano
Volcano Summit – GCx2
Get the Water Basin
Protect the Robot

14 Fire Sanctuary

Small Key
Rescue the Mogma
Backtrack for an Empty Bottle
Dungeon Map
Catch the Mogma – HP
Boss Key
Boss – Ghirahim Again – HC
Third Flame

15 Thunderhead

Collecting Heart Pieces – HPx3
The Imprisoned Boss – Second Time
The Gate of Time
A Link to the Past
Back to Skyloft
Side Quest – Plow Needed – CRx5
Free Levias
Side Quest – Beedle’s Missing Beetle – CRx5, HP

16 Song of the Hero

The Imprisoned Boss – Third Time
Flooded Faron Woods
Collect the Tadtones
Side Quest – Strange Plant Wanted – CRx5
Kidnapped by Bokoblins
Kidnapped by Bokoblins – Part 2
Kidnapped by Bokoblins – Part 3 – GC
Side Quest – Missing Crystal Ball – CRx5
Side Quest – Item Check Girl – CRx5
Lanayru Gorge
Lanayru Gorge Part 2 – GC
Lanayru Gorge Part 3
Boss Rush Mode – Hylian Shield (BEST SHIELD)
Boss Rush Mode – HP
Song of the Hero & Collecting
Mini-Game Bamboo Island
All 15 Single Gratitude Crystals – CRx15
Side Quest – Batreaux All 80 Gratitude Crystals
Final Trial Skyloft

17 Sky Keep

Faron Woods Room
Lanayru Mining Facility Room
Earth Temple Room
Mini Boss
Ancient Cistern Room
Fire Sanctuary Room
Sandship Room
Restore the Triforce

18 Final Showdown

Bokoblin Army
Boss – Ghirahim Final Fight
Defeat Ghirahim Cutscene
Final Boss – Demise
Final Cutscene
Post-Credits Cutscene

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