Goddess Cubes Locations – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

There are 27 Goddess Cubes to be found throughout the game.  This guide will show them in the order that you can get them in the game.

All 27 Goddess Cubes:

1. Faron Woods

Location: Deep Woods – Talk to the Goron

Reward: Adventure Pouch Expansion

2. Faron Woods

Location: Deep Woods – Outside the Earth Temple

Reward: Heart Piece

3. Faron Woods – Skyview Spring

Location: Inside the Skyview Spring behind the statue.

Reward: Gold Rupee

4. Eldin Volcano

Location: At the very beginning to the left.

Reward: Silver Rupee

5. Eldin Volcano

Location: To the left near the big thing in the middle that you fall down.

Reward: Small Seed Satchel

6. Eldin Volcano

Location: In the big thing in the middle that you fall down, while you’re falling.

Reward: Gold Rupee

7. Eldin Volcano

Location: To the West of the Earth Temple there is a dig spot with a steam vent, put a bomb up the vent to break the rocks to get to it.

Reward: Gold Rupee

8. Eldin Volcano

Location: To the East of the Earth Temple is a Bokoblin Village, it’s down a path to the left of the tower.

Reward: Treasure Medal

9. Eldin Volcano

Location: To the East of the Earth Temple is a big sand slide where you get one of the key pieces.  It’s on a platform to the left.

Reward: Heart Piece

10. Lanayru Desert – Lanayru Mine – Right as you arrive, it is behind the building you land on.

11. Lanayru Desert – As you making your way through you will come to a sinksand area in the Southwest, it’s on an island.

12. Lanayru Desert – As you’re making your way towards the Temple of Time, you’ll pass it on a mine cart.  You must activate it while riding the mine cart.

13. Faron Woods – Great Tree

14. Faron Woods – Great Tree

15. Lake Floria

16. Lanayru Desert – Clawshots

17. Lanayru Desert – Clawshots

18. Lanayru Desert – Sand Sea

19. Lanayru Desert – Skipper’s Retreat

20. Lanayru Desert – Pirate’s Stronghold

21. Faron Woods – Great Tree

22. Faron Woods – Outside Skyview Temple

23. Faron Woods – Lake Floria

24. Volcano Summit

25. Volcano Summit

26. Volcano Summit

27. Lanayru Desert – Lanayru Gorge

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