Part 1 – Majula, Last Giant, Harvest Valley and Earthen Peak – Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough

01 – Majula to Forest of Fallen Giants to Cardinal Tower

Part 1! Out of Majula and into the fire. In this video, I show how to get from Majula to the Forest of Fallen Giants bonfire, then to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

02 – Cardinal Tower Shortcut #1 & #2

03 – The Last Giant Boss & The Pursuer Boss & Lost Bastille

04 – Heide’s Tower of Flame & Dragonrider Boss & Licia of Lindelt

05 – Mechanism & Huntsman’s Copse

06 – Huntsman’s Copse and Skeleton Lords Boss

07 – Harvest Valley & Fragrant Branch of Yore & Covetous Demon Boss

08 – Earthen Peak & Burning the Windmill & Mytha the Baneful Queen

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