Mission 01 - The Fate of Empire City - inFAMOUS 2

standardshift1's picture

no voice overs? not even on the main missions? you guys got lazy! I blame it on the drink alongs.

KaptainKrunk's picture

Yea. Everyone likes the drink-a-longs, but try not to get too lazy with the regular voice overs.

Adam Page's picture

hard was a cakewalk, they should have a new game + difficulty

MrPERRINOID's picture

guys I have to say I'm really dissapointed having no voiceovers for your guides and before you say that you give us your commentary with drink alongs I have to say that I enjoy your drink alongs but I always loved your guides.  You gave us good advice and hilarious commentary.  You should do more voiceovers for your guides, it would make your veiwers happy :D

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