Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Several years after the events of The Legend of Zelda Link is back, and starts to notice strange things happening in the world around him such as a mark appearing on the back of his hand. As Link seeks out help he finds a princess by the name of Zelda under a sleeping spell and can only be awoken when the three triforce pieces are restored. Links skills are put to the test as he travels across Hyrule to restore the triforce and awaken the princess.

  • Unlike the previous Legend of Zelda Link gains experience points from defeating different enemy's which he can use to upgrade various skills such as health and weapon damage.
  • The combat system in this installment is similar and different from the previous game, whereas Link can attack his enemy's in the top down perspective like the previous game. But as Link enters towns and caves the view switches to a side scrolling look where Link has to alternate between a standing and crouching positions in order to attack enemy's in order to defend himself. Link also has the ability to jump which can be used to evade an enemy's attacks or attack tall, and flying enemies.
  • Magic also makes an appearance in the world of Hyrule as Link can learn them from various wise men in town which usually have him complete various side quests before being able to learn them.

Action Adventure
Original US Release Date: 
January 14, 1987

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