Chapter 3 - World of Goo wiki

3-01 OCD Burning Man (11 Moves)


3-02 OCD Second Hand Smoke (26 Collected)


3-03 OCD Misty's Long Bony Road (26 Collected)


3-04 OCD The Third Wheel (9 Moves)


3-05 OCD Water Lock (44 Collected)


3-06 OCD Super Fuse Challenge Time (32 Collected)


3-07 OCD Upper Shaft (53 Collected)


3-08 OCD You have to Explode the Head (50 Collected)


3-09 OCD Incineration Destination (32 Moves)


3-10 OCD Product Launcher (12 Moves)

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The third wheel level video helped me so much. Thank you.

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