WikiGameGuides Game of the Year Awards 2010 Finale!

Red Dead Redemption
17% (21 votes)
God of War 3
6% (8 votes)
Halo: Reach
10% (13 votes)
Call of Duty: Black Ops
14% (17 votes)
StarCraft 2
18% (23 votes)
Mass Effect 2
34% (43 votes)
Total votes: 125

It's all down to the wire as we decide who will be WGG's GOTY for 2010. All participants have been decided by the community based on category, so now all that left to be done is to choose an overall winner.

The poll will run until Dec. 31 (or whenever John remembers to close the poll).

(Note from Beer Baron: I added Black Ops and Reach to this final poll. Halo Reach was winning the last poll at the end of the stated 4 days, but I forgot to close the poll, and Black Ops ended up with the most votes, so I added both games)

TastyBizkitz's picture

First :D

Red Dead FTW!

Is that picture messed up or something?

Humankillerx's picture

As much as I loved SC2 I think I have to go with ME2.

Hazerdous2urhealth's picture

there was something about Mass Effect 2 that grabbed my attention mush more then any other game this year. Great story, great controls and hours of playtime.  Star Craft 2 is an incredibly close second, but Mass Effect 2 takes the cake.

Cooler's picture

AC Brotherhood deserves it imo.

chad'spenis's picture

mass effect 2.

ShackD's picture

Mass Effect 2 :)

Ash's picture

Mass Effect 2 nuff said!

bip267's picture

MASS EFFECT 2 FTW greatest game in the list and of 2010

explicit_baron's picture

starcraft 2

MarioDragon's picture

Don't think I've played a campaign that's lasted 24 hours in a long time, so Mass Effect 2 it is.

TheAdirah47's picture

Hey Guys you forgot to put Mafia II in the list for game of the year

TastyBizkitz's picture

No, they didn't forget......It wasn't so great.

iWINuFAIL's picture

Gotta go with RDR.  ANy other year ME2 wins this by a mile, but I have a special place in my heart for westerns.

Michael's picture

I went for Black ops. But I'm happy to see mass effect winning because I just got it for christmas and I haven't  started playing it yet.

gollum80's picture

super close tie between ME2 and SC2. tho im voting for SC2.

getrdun21's picture

Yeah I voted for ME2 but I am very surprised that BO, Reach, and starcraft didnt win those are really new and very hyped up games this year.

MrPERRINOID's picture

Mass Errect 2 uhh i mean Mass Effect 2 : P FTW!

Whiplash's picture

Guys. Mass Effect 2 won GOTY!!!!! I called it from the start!! Ho-oh shit son! lol

bip267's picture

someone should tell ARES to close this down so that mass effect 2 can be announced

getrdun21's picture

its been closed it just havent posted the winning page till today

ieqvxefce's picture

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KodRaiN's picture

Reach definately should have beat Black Ops.  Black ops was horrible.  Horrible graphics, horrible gameplay, glitchy, just a completely unpolished game whereas Forge in Reach alone gave it at least a 9.8 out of 10.  Just download some of the race maps people have made (and posted on and and see for yourself.  Activision is going to take Call of Duty, run it into the ground, and fuck its lifeless corpse.  Just like with Guitar Hero. 

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