What Game Should I Livestream Next? (Winner: Ocarina!) (Feb. 2011)

Dragon Age Origins
25% (30 votes)
Fallout: New Vegas
18% (21 votes)
Final Fantasy XIII
15% (18 votes)
6% (7 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
36% (42 votes)
Total votes: 118

I finished my Dead Space 2 Hardcore Difficulty run last night (videos from the livestream will be posted in the next week or so), and now I need something to stream until my next full guide begins (which will be Killzone 3).

I have an overwhelming feeling the winner is going to be the oldest game of the bunch. Get your votes in quickly because I'm going to be starting in the next few days!

Semblance's picture

Go for Dragon Age Origins. It might not be as good as OoT, but you're missing out on a game with absolutely amazing depth.

Humankillerx's picture

Wait Sem are you post op?


I vote for Little Big Planet even thought it's not on here.

cs2014's picture

Give up on Killzone 2?

harouki's picture

come on Ocarina of Time!


But if Dragon Age wins I'll play along =3

Whiplash's picture

I think it'll be funny to hear the insults John would inflict on XIII :P

"Jesus Christ! This  game sucks dick!!!"

explicit_baron's picture

how about call of duty 4 for a bit, doubt u've played that in a while

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Ocarina of Time. Because i have been telling him to stream it for months now.

Aardvarrkk's picture

Oh Ocarina of Time, thats a great game stream that one.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Never seen or played Ocarina of Time, but it looks great. Please stream it!!!

iWINuFAIL's picture

Guys I realize the nostalgia factor is big, but I personally feel DA:O will not only be more fun for Jon to play, but for us to watch.  I've gone back and played OoT on my neighbor's Wii, and while it is still fun, it hardly holds up.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I voted for Fallout: New Vegas because it's the only game on the list I haven't played/watched extensively. I'd be very surprised though if Ocarina of Time didn't win.

Retrospecter05's picture

Hello Beer Baron, just wanted to say your walkthroughs with explicit d are really good.  That said, I was wondering where I can be informed of when the live streams are happening?  Also try Stacking, that just looks zany.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Retro, follow John's (Beer Baron) Twitter feed. He tweets every time he streams:


Elitecreations's picture

A game that makes you rage so hard it makes us laugh.

pfro's picture

What about Killzone 3 or LBP2? Oh well, we know WGG hates the PS3. I voted for FFXIII because that would just be silly, but DOA is a close second. Either way I'll be able to watch this stream unlike Dead Space 2 because I didn't want it spoiled.

chad'spenis's picture

I would have suggested silent hill (1,2, or 3). they are the scariest (and best) games ever made. Also, they are only like 5 hours a piece so it shouldn't be to heavy.

Aquapit's picture

I voted for Ocarina of Time, but Dragons Age Origins seems pretty good to stream as well.

Sangyerians's picture

Ocarina of TIme will be fucking boring to watch, no offense.

Adamb's picture

Fallout: New Vegas

Mountain Man's picture

Too bad it looks like Fallout will not win. With it being new and having a lot to do it would prove to be entertaining for a good length of time.

ButtonClickerExtrordinare's picture

I want to see all the bugs you can run into though a regular playthough in Fallout!

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