PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison - Watch Dogs wiki

PS4 vs Xbox One side-by-side graphics comparison of Watch Dogs!

As you can see in this video, there are zero noticeable differences in the graphics between the two platforms. The only distinction I have noticed between the two versions is on the Xbox One when Watch Dogs transitions from the end of a mission to free roam mode, where the frame rate will occasionally drop dramatically. 

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And the winner is... PC.

Also, Watch Dogs on PS4 is running in 900p (correction?), while the One version is running in 720p.

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except pc requires uplay right? That alone makes it the loser in my opinion.

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I've been playing this on pc, and the framerate is really inconsistent. I have a stock gtx 680 and an i5 3570. On the lowest settings (1080p), except with motion blur and FXAA turned on I get anywhere between 45 and 120 fps during normal gameplay. When I use auto detect it uses high settings and the framerate will be anywhere between ~25 to 80 fps.

I haven't read how it runs on other people's pc's yet, but I have a feeling it's poorly optimized on pc.

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for mr graphically the amount of pixels or textures doesnt really matter thats all in the styling and the art direction of the game for me whats important is the performance how smoothly it runs whether its 30 or 60 fps  i just want consistency

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