Perfectionist Ghost Walkthrough - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

This is a guide to Splinter Cell Blacklist on the hardest difficulty, Perfectionist, and also covers

  • Ghost gold (hitting the Gold score targets on the perfectionist difficulty)
  • Non-Lethal (killing no enemies)
  • Undetected (never being spotted by the enemy)

So this guide is as difficult as it gets in Blacklist.


  • Sticky Noisemaker
  • Sticky Camera
  • Sticky EMP
  • Tri-Rotor
  • Sleeping Gas
  • Proximity Shocker


Integrated Optics

OPS Suit

  • Torso - Nanopolymer Coating
  • Gloves - Deadeye
  • Pants - Nanopolymer Coating
  • Boots - Stealth Nanofiber


  • Pistol - SC-IS Pistol
  • Alternate - SC2000 (Never used in the guide)
  • Special Weapon - Crossbow with all upgrades




Insurgent Stronghold

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