Charlie P1: Pakistani Embassy - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I have fully completed all 20 waves of this 4E mission in a solo ghost perfectionist manner.  Probably won't be doing this for the other Charlie missions.  This play-style is not mandatory for completion, seeing as you can complete the mission after 5 waves.  The skills you acquire from doing something like this can really help you become better at the game and allow you to learn all enemy characteristics earlier on.  Thanks for watching!


Part 1! This is the only part required to progress to the next mission.


This is where it starts to get tricky...


In this longer part I talk about some of my favorite games, my thoughts on the next gen consoles, and dabble in my opinions on some games I'm interested in.  If you want links to any of the trailers for the games I mention in this video, check out the original video on Youtube and those will be in the description box below the video.


*REMINDER! I was exceptionally drunk whilst recording the commentary for this part so keep in mind that I repeated some things and had some gaps in my memory. Thanks for watching!* 

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