Campaign Ghost Perfectionist Pacifist Walkthrough - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Welcome to my pacifist Ghost Perfectionist walkthrough where I evade every possible chance that I get and stealthily meander my way past the rest. I hope that you all enjoy!

First 2 videos have minimal commentary, but videos proceeding them have full commentary. Only left the cutscenes in for the Blacklist Zero video. May possibly remake first 2 videos.

Side missions will go up as well, but I will leave out the Gone Dark metagames, simply because Beer Baron has already made an explanation video at the time of my typing this. 


Blacklist Zero


Insurgent Stronghold

American Consumption

Private Estate

Abandoned Mill

Special Missions HQ

Transit Yards

Guantanamo Bay/Airstrip

LNG Terminal

Site F

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