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Your Nest

All points are multiplied by an overall score multiplier: You can increase your overall score multiplier by completing various objectives and thus upgrade your nest.

Nest Level 3

Do 1 cloudtouch
Be 5s in fever mode
Gain 5000 points on the 1st island

Nest Level 4 (Score 16x)

Do 1 great slide directly after an island jump
Do 5 great slides on the 3rd island
Collect 200 coins

Nest Level 5 (Score 18x)

Be 5x in Fever Mode in one game
Reach the 5th island without speedcoins
Gain 60000 points

Next Level 6 (Score 20x)

Do 32 great slides in one game
Reach the 4th island being in fever mode
Turn the device upside down, reach island 5 :)

Nest Level 7

Be 17s in fever mode
Reach the 5th island without using fever mode
Do 10 great slides on the first island

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