Master/Custom Difficulty Walkthrough (755 Points) - Thief

Kleptomania takes hold as I sneak my way through Thief on  Master Difficulty, with 755 points in custom settings. My custom difficulty settings are as follows:

Base Difficulty: Master


- No Focus (50pts) - Focus is disabled and no Focus Points

- Stealth Takedowns Only (50pts) - No combat takedowns

- No Reticle (30pts)

- Specialty Arrows Only (50pts) - Can only use Blunt, Water, Fire, and Rope Arrows

- No Food or Poppies (100pts) - They can be collected but can't be consumed

- Zero Damage (60pts) - Taking damage fails the mission

- No Upgrades (100pts) - Non-critical equipment and upgrades are disabled

- No Kills or Knockouts (170pts)

- No Alerts (145pts) - Includes birds and dogs



Chapter 1 - Lockdown


Chapter 2 - Dust To Dust


Chapter 3 - Dirty Secrets


Chapter 4 - A Friend In Need


Chapter 5 - The Forsaken


Chapter 6 - A Man Apart


Chapter 7 - The Hidden City


Chapter 8 - The Dawn's Light

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