Part 1: Light World - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

This section of the guide involves the opening stages and events of the game. Plot wise, the story begins with Link rescuing Princess Zelda from the dungeons of Hyrule Castle one night and from the clutches of an evil wizard called Agahnim. Once she is delivered safely to the sanctuary, he is asked to find the wise old sage in Kakariko Village, hoping he might shed some lights on recent events. After locating the sage, he learns that in order to even have a chance at defeating the wizard, he must locate an ancient sword of Hyrule known as the Master sword. To get this sword, he must collect three pendents, scattered throughout the land to prove his worth to the sword. Once this is done, he can then use the sword to face the wizard.

Below is a map of the Light World for your reference. Click to see full size.

Map of the Light World

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