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Character Creation (Starting Skills and Abilities)



  • Flames - Fire that damages 8 points per second.
  • Healing - Heals the caster 10 points per second.



  • Histskin - Recover health ten times faster for 60 seconds.


Active Effects:

  • Resist Disease - 50% resistant to disease
  • Waterbreathing - You can breathe underwater


Skill Bonuses:

  • Lockpicking +10
  • Pickpocketing +5
  • Sneak +5
  • Light Armor +5
  • Restoration +5
  • Alteration +5




Argonians are a playable race that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Sporting a reptilian appearance, they have adapted to breathe underwater and become immune to most diseases and poisons. Residing in the swampy environments of the Black Marsh, Argonians have learned the art of guerrilla warfare through their campaign against explorers wishing to settle new lands in the swamps.

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