The Bourne Conspiracy

The Bourne Conspiracy revisits scenes from the Bourne films, as well as scenes from Jason Bourne's past. Unlike the films, The Bourne Conspiracy does not make use of Matt Damon, likeness or otherwise. A primary focus for the developers was reproducing the preternaturally fast combat sequences from the films. The game offers hand-to-hand martial arts style combat, high-speed car chases, gun play, and the use of props to take down enemies. Players can smash in enemy faces with televisions, pots, books, whiteboards or any other nearby items. Additionally, if he has enough adrenaline, Jason Bourne can grab an opponent's weapon and teach him how to use it properly. The game has three difficulty settings in the single-player campaign: Trainee, Agent, and Assassin.

Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
High Moon Studios
Original US Release Date: 
June 3, 2008

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