12 Sandship - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wiki

Finding the Sandship:

Small Key:

Pirate Mini-Boss - Bow and Arrow:

Timeshift Stone:

Power Engine 1:

Power Engine 2:

Rescue the Crew - 2nd Small Key:

Boss Key:

Boss - Tentalus:

Second Flame:

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d0_0b's picture

Dan, I would NOT be able to do this without your walkthrough so thank you very much.
I'm a bit stuck now.
How can I get back to Skyloft to get some guardian potion+ Before I tacle Tentalus my coordination is rubbish! So I need a little something to it a bit of wellie! (No different than in real life in my mid sixties). You young things, you don't know your born :-) I an near a bird statue that ONLY says "go outside" so can someone advise please - keep it nice :-)

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