08 Isle of Songs - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wiki

Ballad of the Goddess:

Boss - The Imprisoned:

Sacred Shield:

Sidequest - Missing Sister:

Sidequest - Pumpkin Landing - First Task:

Sidequest - Pumpkin Landing - Second Task:

Sidequest - Pumpkin Landing - Third Task:

Sidequest - Clean Pipit's House:

Sidequest - Selling Bugs:

Sidequest - Haunted Toilet:

Sidequest - Batreaux 10 Crystals:

Goddess Cube Treasures:

Broken Windmill:

Get the Windmill Propeller:

Isle of Songs:

Sidequest - Fix Fun Fun Island:

Sidequest - Fun Fun Island Mini Game:

Sidequest - Batreaux 30 Gratitude Crystals Big Wallet Cursed Medal:

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