03 Skyview Temple - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Dungeon Map:

Small Key:

Main Chamber (Heart Piece):

Small Key 2:

Golden Carving (Boss Key):

Boss - Ghirahim (Heart Container):

Skyview Spring:

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How much of the combat is good ol waggling?

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Hey I watched your walkthrough so far and I noticed you showed the 2 Goddess Cubes on the way to the Skyview Temple and I know you are doing the Cube guide so I wanted to let you know there is a Goddess Cube behind the statue at the end of the temple in the water.

It unlocks a 300 Rupee that is sitting on top of the Pumpkin restaurant right next to the one that gives you the large satchel.

I also noticed that when I was playing the temple that right in the beginning with the first eye lock there was an amber thing on the right as you look at the door. I went back with the flying beetle and it was gone.

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Did you ever come back to the Skyview Temple with the Digging Claws and dig the dig spot near the end of the Temple? I was going to but I am only just starting the level to get them tonight when I get time.

I would hope it is something good since they make it so you have to go a long way just to get to it and it would suck if it was nothing. Maybe it is a large Rupee or a Heart Piece but I doubt it is the latter.

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So for the multiple posts but if you watch the cut scene you can see the Goddess Cube behind the statue right when she mentions the 2 statues in one sentence. As the camera decends it is clearly visible.

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I went back to the Skyview Temple to dig and I am pretty sure you need the Dragon Scale or whatever it is that lets you swim to get back to it.

It is in the room to the right of the first big main room where you raise the water level. The side with the big log. I actually was able to fly the beetle in there to try to lower the water but it doesn't work.

My guess is it have to be something good(I hope) but the digging holes normally have multiple items so it can't be a heart container. Maybe some large Rupees or some scarce material to upgrade with.


I really hope it isn't 3 green rupees.

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The dig hole has a small key in it.

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