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Becomming a Werewolf: There are Two ways you can become a Werewolf in Skyrim.

The first is simple enough, go fight a werewolf and hope you get lucky. The other way however reguires you to complete alot of quests in the city of Whiterun for the Companions.

First off you'll have to join the Companions after that your tasked with a few quests, sooner or later you'll get the quest called Proving Honor where you're tasked with finding a Shard of a sword inside a old crypt.

After getting through a horde of Undead and humans, you're finally entered into the Companions. Meaning they'll hand out quests to you if you ask for it of course, after doing a couple of quests, Skjor will ask you to met him in the Underforge for the quest called The Silver Hand. Once inside the Underforge you will get the choise to either Drink the Werewolf blood or just walk away. Now why would you walk away? Well Being a Werewolf  has it's perks both good and bad.

Good things: You gain a new power called Beast form which allows you to turn into a werewolf for 2.5(real time) min which can be increased by 30sec every time you feast on a corpse.

  • You are 100% immune to disease. 
  • You can perform a devastating sprint-attack.
  • Most charged-attacks knock back most enemies (even giants) a few dozen feet.
  • You can perform a roar (by pressing your shout button), causing NPCs to run away, allowing for easy kills.
  • While in your beast form serveral things will get a boost.
  • Your maximum health increases by 100 points, but does not regenerate.
  • Your maximum stamina also increases by 100.
  • You have a faster sprint speed (even faster than horses).
  • Wolves will treat you as an ally, and won't attack you.
  • Any Crimes you commit as a werewolf don't count against your "normal" self.

Bad things: 

  • Skills are not leveled while you are in Beast Form.
  • You can't loot any corpses you slay.
  • You can't pick up or use any items you find. Since this includes keys, you may find your progress blocked in some dungeons.
  • You can't equip or use any of your normal weapons, spells, items, equipment, Shouts, or Powers. You can't even open the Inventory Menu.
  • Your large, hulking form may have trouble fitting through some narrow passages.
  • You can't speak with anyone, even your own Companions breatheren.
  • Citizens of Skyrim are rightly terrified of you some of them flee, while the battle-hardened, brave, or foolish stand their ground and attack you.
  • If anyone sees you transform to or from a beast, the transformation is considered a major Crime (1000 gold bounty in the area).
  • You can not become "well rested" when sleeping in a bed.
  • Also you can only Transform into your Beast form ones a day intill you complete a quest Called Ill Met By Moonlight in the Town of Falkreath depending on your choise you can get a ring called: Ring of Hircine which allows you to transform unlimted everyday.

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