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Occasionally throughout your travels in Skyrim, players may come across Vampires.  While not a difficult enemy in their own right, they do pose a significant threat in being able to make the player into one of the undead.  When bitten by a vampire, the player will contract a disease known as Sanguinare Vampiris, and the conversion process will begin.

After being bitten, the player will have three days (in game) to cure the disease before they begin to change.  During this period, the disease may be cured as you would any ailment.  After the three days are up, the player will be a Stage 1 Vampire, and will require special aid in order to be saved.  Note that there is no sign of having contracted the disease until after the 3 day hibernation period, so in order to be on the safe side, it is wise to visit a healer after fighting vampires.


Afteer the 3 day period, the player becomes a Stage 1 Vampire.  After this, with each dawn the disease will progress, up until stage 4, when the player is a full-fledged vampire.  Below are the stat augmentations and abilities that come with each stage.

NOTE:  Any stat that is not listed after Stage 1 remains constant for all stages.

Stage 1


Champion of the Night: Illusion Spells are 25% more powerful.

Night Stalker:  25% harder to detect while sneaking

Resist Disease/Poison:  100% resistance to disease or poison

Resist Frost:  25% frost resistance

Weakness to Fire:  25% weaker to fire

Weakness to sunlight:  When in sunlight, Health, Magicka, and STamina are reduced by 15 points and WILL NOT RECOVER


Vampire's Servent:  Raise a corpse to fight for 60 seconds (once per day)

Vampire Sight:  Improved Night Vision or 60 seconds


Vampiric Drain:  Absorb 2 HP from opponent (Novice destruction, 5 mag./second.)


Stage 2

Frost resistance increased to 50%

Fire weakness increased to 50%

Health, magicka, and stamina now decrease by 30 points in sunlight

Vampire's Servent now increases the strength of reanimated body

Vampiric Drain now absorbs 3 HP


Vampire Seduction:  Enemies up to level 10 will cease to fight for 30 seconds


Stage 3

Frost resistance now 75%

Fire weakness now 75%

H, M, and S now decreased by 45 in sunlight

Vampire's Servent is more powerful

Vampiric Drain now absorbs 4 HP


Stage 4

Frost Resistance now 100%

Fire weakness now 100%

H, M, and S now decreased by 60 points in sunlight

Vampiric Drain now absorbs 5 HP


Embrace of Shadows:  become invisible, with improved night vision, for 180 seconds (once per day)

At Stage 4, vampires may feed on sleeping NPC to decrease the effects of vampirism.  

Once you become a stage 4 vampire, NPCs will become hostile and attack during the day.


Curing Vampirism

Head to Falkreath.  The fastest way is to go to Helgen, where you began the game, via fast travel.  From there, Falkreath is to the Southwest, mark it on your map and head towards it.  Once there, enter the Dead Man's Drink Tavern.  Speak to Valga Vinicia at the bar, and ask for rumors, and she will speak of a man named Falion in Morthal who studies vampires.

To get to Morthal, begin at Whiterun and head Northwest.  You will come across a swampy area and within it lies Morthal.  Speak to Falion and he will tell you to get a black soul gem and fill it with a soul.  The gem can be purchased from Falion (prices varying based on speech skill...mine was 109 gold).  To fill the gem with a soul, you need the soul trap spell.  This can be purchased from any magic shop (including Falion's) for 295 gold.  To capture a soul, cast soul trap on a human target, then kill them within 60 seconds to trap their soul within.

Return to Falion and he will tell you to meet him at a nearby shrine at dawn.  Go there and he will use the gem to cure you.

CAUTION:  If you are already a stage 4 vampire, Falion will attack you.  It is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional, though it does make curing oneself more complicated.  If you are at Stage 4, be sure to feed in order to become a lower stage, and then he will cure you.

The best places to feed if you are stage 4 are any of the small cottages strewn across the map.  Trying to find a victim in a city is nearly impossible, so it is best to find a tiny house with few inhabitants, and feed on them.

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