To-Do List - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki

To-Do List:


  • houses


  • Individual sub pages for each civil war quest(in progress by kwacka100)
  • Individual sub pages for each of the Daedric Quests (in progress by EvertonChang)
  • Individual sub pages for each side quest
  • Individual sub pages for each misc ojbective


  • Magic spells (Destruction/Alteration spells Done by Goldteddy)
  • Shouts and where to find them
  • powers
  • Active effects
  • Add pages for each type of magic


  • add sub-pages for different enemy types

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sargeant smiles's picture

I'd be very willing to do a guide of where all the Dragon Priests are/How to get to them/kill them

MightyShlee's picture

I have information about mutations. Since I just spent yesterday becoming a vampire and then trying to cure myself after it started to irritate me. I've just signed up to this site, so I wouldn't like to do the page on it. Plus my game glitched partway through the Rising at Dawn quest to cure vampirism so I haven't been able to complete that quest, but I'd be willing to share my info with anyone who is doing the guide on it.  


Also how about a guide for the locations of skill books? If I've missed it somewhere, blame my sleep-deprived state :)

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