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Quest Name: A Whispering Door

Reward: Ebony Blade

Location: Dragonsreach in Whiterun

Level Requirement: 20


Quest Guide:

  1. Go to the Bannered Mare and speak with the Innkeeper about rumors.
  2. Head to Dragonsreach and speak to Jarl Balgruuf about his children.
  3. Talk to Nelkir and go to the whispering door in the basement of Dragonsreach.
  4. After investigating the door, return to Nelkir and he will tell you to steal the key from Jarl Balgruuf or the court wizard.
  5. Once you obtain the key, return to the whispering door and obtain the Ebony Blade.


Ebony Blade:

The blade is unique. It is two-handed and has an absorb health enchantment that is unlimited. The enchantment is up gradable through killing followers, which increases how much health is absorbed. The blade also has another effect where it calms the follower when you strike them so they do not attack you.

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